What happened last night?

Catching you up on the elections if you went to sleep.

Fun election night!

Here are quick links about the some of biggest stories last night in case you went to sleep and didn’t have time to stay up and watch the results:

  • Perhaps the biggest story last night was that Missouri voters overturned the state’s new right-to-work law, an embarrassing defeat for GOP legislators. It was 2-1 in favor of overturning.

  • It was a big night for women. They broke records! 2018 has the most women running for governor and U.S. House as major party nominees ever. And Michigan Democrats will have an all-female ticket running statewide.

  • Sharice Davids won the Democratic nomination in Kansas’ 3rd congressional district — and she comes with an incredible bio. She went from community college to Cornell Law School to a White House fellowship, all while mastering martial arts and participating in two MMA fights. If elected, she’ll be one of the only female Native American members of Congress and one of the few lesbians. One of her opponents was Brent Welder, who had the backing of Bernie Sanders.

  • That big Ohio special election is still too close to call, although Republicans are declaring victory. Here’s a great piece by my colleagues, Daniel Marans and Kevin Robillard, on the race.

  • Gretchen Whitmer won the Democratic nomination for governor in Michigan yesterday, beating out millionaire and self-funder Shri Thanedar and Abdul El-Sayed, a former Detroit health director who was a progressive favorite. Marans did incredible work covering this race, and he had a big piece looking at Thanedar that’s worth a read.

  • Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a member of House GOP leadership, is facing a real race this fall — and could lose her seat. Washington state has a top-two primary system, meaning the top-two vote-getters in a primary, regardless of party, advance to the general election. Rodgers got the most votes last night, but she barely beat the Democrat.

  • Kansas GOP gubernatorial primary still up in the air. Kris Kobach is leading, but not by much.

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